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SMT Convection Reflow Ovens

Reflow Ovens

Used Machine Details: Item #: Image:
Heller 1913 13 Zone Reflow Oven 1913 MKIII 13 zone reflow oven. Less than 4000 hours. Mesh belt and edge rail. Like new condition. Air only. No N2. 480 volt, 3 phase 100 amps. New 2011. SM4099
Heller 1706 EXL Reflow Oven
7 zone machine for lead or no lead. Oven was in a clean room.  Has edge rail and mesh belt, KIC profiler, automatic hood lift, PC and flat monitor. Left to right, new 2006  It is 220V, 3Ph, 100A, 50/60Hz.
Heller 1707 MK III 7 Zone Oven

Excellent condition. Mesh belt and edge rail. New in 2011 External cooling module retrofit kit added in 2014. 208 volts, 100 amps. 7801 hours. Has battery back-up, full set of manuals and software on disk.


7 zone reflow oven with edge rail conveyor and center board support. New 6/01  S/N PHFA-4
ATI Oven Exit Conveyor Decline conveyor with cooling fans. 6’ long, 36” from floor at high end with 18”, new flat belt.
Purex Suparflo 022011 Air Filter

Air filter used in place of exhaust fan on a 5 zone Speedline oven. S/N 200-283, 220 volt. 1 phase 3KVA 60 HZ
BTU Pyramax
 X5, 150N Reflow Oven

 BTU Oven; 10 Zone, Nitrogen, Edge/Mesh; Like New Condition 10,900 hours. New 2008.

Speedline Omni-Flo 7 Reflow Oven

7 zone reflow oven in excellent working condition.

5 zone reflow oven with edge rail and mesh belt.
BTU Paragon 70 Reflow Oven 

5 zone oven with computer, monitor and manual.  Capable to go to 400C. Edge rail, no belt. Has provisions for nitrogen and a chiller. S/N MIL-81, New 6/99. 480 volt, 3 phase, 95amp, 83 kva. Had Neslab HX-300 Chiller attached. 
Heller 1700W Reflow Oven

Very clean oven with very low hours. 5148 hours. Coming from a lab. 6 heating and one cooling zones. Can do wide boards. Nitrogen Capable  Serial Number 0898C-21107.480V, 100A, 3 phase  New 8/98.
Electrovert OmniFlo 5 Reflow Oven

Very clean and in good running condition.  New 2/1997, 440V, Max Amps 75, 60HZ, 3 phase, OS Windows NT 4.00.138
Software Omniflo II Version 1.7, 5 heater zones
Forced convection at 1350 M3/Hr (800 CFM), Left to right direction, Motorized width, Chain oilers. Pin chain conveyor


Vitronics  Megatherm 520N Reflow Oven



5 zone upper and lower heat, mesh belt and edge rail. Complete with computer, monitor, keyboard, software and manual. Nitrogen Capable 480 volt, 3 phase

BTU Pyramax 98X Reflow Oven

7 zone lead free reflow oven. Left to right, edge rail and center support but no mesh belt. KIC Profiler, air, no N2. Uninterruptable power supply. SMEMA with product tracking. 480 volt, 89 amps. New March 2003.
Heller 1812 MKII Reflow Oven

As new. Right to left oven, 18 inch belt width.  We can configure it with any conveyor combination or voltage. 12 heat zones, 2 cool zones. Nitrogen. Overall length is 175 inches, heated tunnel length is 130 inches. On-load/off-load length is 4 inches. SM3976
Heller 1706 SX

Reflow Oven with mesh belt and edge rail conveyor. It has Windows 98SE operating system and the current Heller software. 208/240 volt, 3 phase, new 11/2002. 19,595 hours. S/N 1102DA2A1-34088-01
Heller 1700 EXL Reflow Oven

Oven has mesh and edge rail. 208 volt, 3 phase, 100 amp. New 10-02. Very clean and low hours. Skidded and ready to go. Six heating and one cooling zones.

Lytron RC Recirculating Chiller



Lytron Recirculating Chiller: Digital Temperature Display, hot gas by-pass, pressure gauge, display calibration off-set, low flow shut-off, auto re-start, C/F switch, audible alarm and alarm mute, digital pressure sensing, Low/High temperature, casters. Electrical information: 230v VAC, 10.4a, 60Hz, 1ph, (LWH): 27x21x31, Weight: 250 lbs.
Model: RC022Jo1, S/N: 0699-0775

MI3597 Lytron Recirculating Chiller
Heller 1500SX 5 Zone Convection Reflow Oven
5 zone convection reflow oven with mesh belt and edgerail. Serial #: 1098D-21159; 208/240V, 100A, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz; Footprint 134" long x 36" wide x 54" high; 47,309 hours; new 10/1998.
Checked out and ready to go.

Heller 1707 EXL 7 Zone Oven

7 zone convection reflow oven with mesh belt, edge rail and chain oiler. Right to left. New in 2004. 220V 100A 3 phase, 50-60Hz. Largest Heater Load: 22A  Hours: 28814  In very good condition.
Heller 1910 MR-11 Reflow oven, New 2005
Left to right chain and mesh. Immaculate condition. 9/10 zone oven used very sparingly. Excellent condition, Available for full demo. 480 Volt, 100 Amp, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz. SM3771
BTU Pyramax 98A


7 zone convection oven.  New 2007/2008  480 volt, 24 inch wide mesh belt. No edge rail conveyor. Right to left direction. 2 available, S/N SCFC-1 and IPP-1C 

Vitronics Soltec Reflow Oven XPM-520

5 zone convection reflow oven. In as new condition. Excellent working and looking condition with all manuals and software. New December, 2001, 240 volt, 3 phase, 46 KVA. 7198 hours. 12 feet long, 55 inches wide.

Conceptronics HVN102 Convection Reflow Oven


 7 Zone convection reflow oven with nitrogen. S/N HV9200273, 2000 vintage. In excellent working condition and can be demo'd.


Heller 1809 EXL 9 Zone Reflow Oven


9 zone oven with approximately 100 inches of heated length, 480V, 3 phase, Edge Hold Conveyor (Computer Adjust), with mesh belt, SMEMA-18 Electrical Interface Up and Down Stream, Automatic Lubrication System for Edge Hold Conveyor,  Nitrogen Ready for Field Retrofit,  Battery Back-Up,  Animation to show PCB Travelling through Oven,  U.L. Listing, Windows XP Software, Additional Emergency Stops (2 stops placed on the back of the oven), Additional Tunnel Clearance (1.250" above the Edge Hold and 0.950" below -- Mesh Belt is retained with this option), 15" Flat Panel Monitor (mounted on swing arm on the front side of the oven), audible Alarm with Yellow and Red Conditions. New January, 04, approximately 15,000 hours. Very nice condition.

BTU Pyramax 150

BTU Pyramax 150 -10 zone convection reflow oven with 2 cooling zones.
 Air only (no nitrogen), light tower, UL 508A, closed loop convection control, edge rail and mesh chain conveyor, chain oiler, power hood lift and  left-to-right. This machine was new in 05 and never used in production.  440 volt, 3 phase, 103A, 80KVA.



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