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Buy and Sell used SMT Assembly Equipment and Electronic PCB Machinery

Petlock Incorporated was formed in 1978 by Bill Petlock as a manufacturer's rep specializing in the sale of capital equipment for the electronic industry. Early on he spotted a need for good clean used machinery, and that year he began buying and refurbishing usable late model machines for resale. This made him one of the first used equipment dealers in California specializing in electronic assembly machinery.

In 1989, Bill Petlock sold the rep business and Petlock Incorporated now only handles used machinery. Having sold new machinery for many years, Petlock forged many good ties with original equipment manufactures and reps.

Machines handled by Petlock Inc. include both thru-hole and surface mount technology machinery (SMT) used in the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB).

Thru-hole machinery bought and sold include soldering machines, aqueous cleaners, lead forming and trimming, automatic assembly machines for axial, radial and DIP's, wire processing machines and other miscellaneous production machines. Surface mount technology machinery handled includes automatic and semi-automatic screen printers, paste dispensers, automatic pick & place machines for both chips and fine pitch devices, convection reflow ovens and rework stations.

Petlock Incorporated is primarily a broker. We own some of our inventory; however, we do broker most machinery from.  Most machines can be seen under power in their original location.

All machinery sold, unless otherwise noted, are ready for production. Some mahines will have a 30-day parts only warranty.

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Used Electronic Assembly Machinery


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